Athletic Club

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This is the official page of Sing Yin Athletic Club.


-Our Mission-

To enhance the basic athletic skills of Sing Yin students.

To develope the interest of Sing Yin students in Sports, especially in athletics.

To provide long-term constant and advanced training for talented students.

To well-prepare our teammates for participating various competitions, including Hong Kong-level competition.

To bulid up the athletic spirit of never giving up and unity among Sing Yin Boys, through races and practise.


-Our Outstanding Results-

The year of 2014-2015 is definitely the most rewarding year of all time.

We have won (up to May,2015) :



1st Runner-Up(Silver)

2nd Runner-Up(Bronze)

3rd Runner-Up/Medalist

 8 times

7 times

6 times

4 time



4X100M Relay is the strength of our team. Our team comprises of the four fastest sprinters in our school. They have had extraordinary results in competitions in the past 3 years. They have won numerous prizes in relay races and individual events.

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 The four incredible boys never let anyone down, as they hurtle down the track with amazing  speed! Take a look of the photo which includes part of the przies they have won since the year  2012-2013



 -Our Achievements-


Hong Kong School Sports Federation Inter-School Cross-Country Competition

(Hong Kong Island & Kowloon), Division 3 Area 1

Boys A Grade Overall Champion


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 South China Athletics Association(SCAA)

 68th Annual Inter-School Athletics Meet 2014 (30/11/2014 & 7/12/2014)

 Boys B Grade 4X100M Relay

 Champion and SCAA Record Holder with 44.88s

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Our Relay Team members standing on the podium glourously and set a new record in the race.

(From left to right)

Coach Mrs Fok Lin Chu, Chairman Chan Ming Ho, Wong Hoi Tung,

Tam Cheuk Hin, Hui Ho Ting, Parent's Volunteer Mr Wong Wing Ming


 Hong Kong School Sports Federation Inter-School Athletics Competition

 (Hong Kong Island & Kowloon), Division 2

 Boys B Grade Overall Champion

                     4X100M Relay Champion

                     100M & 200M 1st-runner-ups and 2nd-runner-ups

                     800M 2nd-runner-up

                     Long Jump 1st-runner-up

photo 1

Our principal even came to support us on that day. Our medalists are enjoying the moment of success!


-For more information-

You may refer to our youtube channel for videos (SCAA 4X100M Relay)