Quiz Team


 Committee members

Chairman:Tong Tak Keung 5E

Vice-chairman:Ng Chak Hei 5E

Treasurer:Lam Wing Ching 5E

Secretary:Yu Hung Wai 4A

Steward:Leung Yam Hong 4E

Steward:Kwan Ngai Pok 3A


  • To help the school to win awards in inter-school quiz competition.
  • To help teammates to enrich their knowledges in different aspects
  • To encourage members' conscious of social issues and develop an interest on different knowledge that may not be in the school syllabus. 


Quiz Team has won many awards in a variety of competitions. For instance,

  • OSH Safety Quiz (職安健常識問答比賽)
  • Hong Kong Cup Diplomatic Knowledge Contest(香港盃外交知識競賽)
  • Hong Kong Student Knowledge Contest about China’s National Situation(全港學生中國國情知識大賽)
  • Basic Law and National Knowledge Quiz Competition(基本法及國民常識網上問答比賽)
  • Knowing China,Knowing Hong Kong Quiz Competition(認識祖國,認識香港問答比賽)
  •  IVE BA Logistics and Current Affairs Contest(IVE工商管理時事及物流常識問答比賽)
  • iKnow Quiz Contest(全港通識理財問答比賽)

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