Table Tennis Club

The aim of the table tennis club!

i)To enjoy playing sports such as table tennis.

ii)To build a good circumstance of playing table tennis in our school in order to help students relax.

iii)To train students who are talented and interested in playing table tennis in order to achieve their goals and help them become stronger.

iv): To encourage students to play sports, especially table tennis, in order to maintain a healthy and meanful daily life.

v): To raise the awareness and the popularity of table tennis so as to promote table tennis throughout the Sing Yin Community.




Team information 2014-2015

Numbers of members:20

C grade:6 B grade:10 A grade:4

Training session: Thursday 

Training coach: Mr. Leung

Adviser: Mr. Wong

Remaining capital:$200

Competitions:School (junior and senior housing competitions,Singyin Cup)

                  Inter school



B grade 2013-2014 Division (2) Team competition Champion

B grade 2014-2015 Division (1) Team competition Rank 7th

A grade 2015-2016 Division (1) Team

competition Fourth Place 

A Grade 2016-2017 Division (1) Team competition Fourth Place