Chemistry Club

Welcome to our Club Webpage!


  • To provide a good learning environment for our students to learn more about Chemistry happily.
  • To provide interesting ways for learning Chemistry.
  • To encourage students in our club to develop their curiousity towards Chemistry.
  • For junior students, we aim to encourage them to choose Chemistry as one of their elective subjects in their future.
  • For senior students, we aim to provide them more Chemistry knowledge beyond their syllabus in order to broaden their horizens towards science, whoever they are studying Chemistry or not.

Recent Activities

  • Crossword Puzzle Competition (Nov/Dec 2016)
  • Old Batteries Recycling (accompany with the Environmental Protection Club)
  • Make soap from cooking oil workshop (accompany with Envir. Protection Club)
  • Balancing Equation Quiz
  • Experiment Day
  • Tour to Lectures
  • Lunchtime Chemistry Quiz
  • (Others to be comfirmed)

 Structure of Cupric Sulphate Pentahydrate 


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